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Merchant Account + Payment Gateway

The merchant account stores and validates your customers’ credit card details and funds before depositing them into your business bank account. The gateway provides the portal between your customer’s transactions and the merchant account. You need both to process transactions online.

For as long as farmers have been offering fresh alternatives to store-bought foods and products, buyers have traveled to their local Farmer’s Market. At Hive Market, we’re changing the status quo by bringing fresh local products to neighbourhoods all across metro.

The Hive Market offers an online farmers market experience for customers, and free weekly neighbourhood delivery of
pre-ordered locally sourced seasonal produce, fresh meats, and cheeses, along with a broad array of local products.

The Hive Market offers an online marketing, e-commerce, delivery, and relationship management for local farmers food entrepreneurs that aims to minimize the time and effort they spend on their delivery channel and maximize the time spent on their passion, making great food!

Depending on the type of package you choose, you might need:

  • Your banking information found at the bottom of your cheque
  • Company information, such as annual sales, start date, and business number
  • 10 minutes or less to complete your application form